NS Crown SystemNodes (CRW-SN)

NS Crown SystemNodes (CRW-SN)

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This Believers service offer start at 0.07$/day, this service will guarantee a dedicated  node services that is required to receive the coin reward of Crown SystemNodes. By using it, you won't need to run a vps or to do any coding in linux! We will take care of everything, including, frozen daemons, updates etc. You may even increase your earnings, since we have a team that is ready to fix any issue related to your node asap that might prevent a reward lost!

Warning: this offer is not eligible to our SLA because it use our idle capacity and may face a temporary lack of resources in order to offer the lowest price

Notice: This offer is eligble to a voucher from paid and not used service (e.g. paid for 360 days and used only 40 days, the user will get a voucher with 90% of the paid value for the incoming 311 (360 - 36 - 40) days, upon resquest to support)

INSTRUCTIONS: to get a genkey from your wallet, use our temporary IP: and change as soon as the plataform release the new one and after the IP update start your systemnode