We fight together -- COVID-19 Financial Relief Program

The world is more globalized than ever. Anything that was not properly controlled in the other extreme of the globe may hit hard everywhere. It happened, there is no way to go back in time and change things, so lets fight as we all should.

To help in this fight, aside importing a small amount disposable gloves, facial shields and masks to be donated in Brazil, EZ Masternodes is offering a Financial Relief Program, that shall allow our clients to pass-through the hard moment that is to come by, so no decision needs to be made right now based on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt -- FUD.

Any purchase of 90+ days service with the coupon "fight-covid-19" will guarantee an account credit in the value of 90 days of the selected service! It is a give away, there is no repay or strings.

In another words, EZ Masternodes will completely pay for 90 days of service to our users, so they can focus on areas that are more important right now, as staying alive! The credit will added to the account by May 31st (last day of the program), and it will be good to be used in until new year (31st of December 2020), so even if the user has to sell some of its nodes, it will be able to use the credit in the renaming nodes.

Lets fight this together, if we all share the burden, the outcome will be better for sure!



This promo has ended