Transition update - all protocols

First of all we want to say thanks to our customers for the trust and patience during this process.

While we had some support absence, we are proud to say that there is not a single soul mad at us, something very rare in the crypto world. 

Here is complete update on the transition:

ez-masternodes as a company will continue to exist and respond legally. In the future its brand will be acquired by p2p vendor.

Currently, ez-masternodes do not have hardware, hence nodes that are active of PAC or Horizen are running from contractor servers.

About the transition PAC services are covered by a pre-contract already, we need to complete some legal steps before disclosing user informations, in a way the user can renew from their portal. We already have the minimum guarantee of service until the end of each service contracts, but the new provider and us expect to do a seamless transition, which shall even sharing minimal user information as current orders and email.

For Horizen, the current provider want to select some customers for a formal onboard, and after that they will be able to renew/extend services. Customers will be selected by the amount of coins and existing term. Customers that are not onboard will have the service provided until the end of the current existing service contract, with the same quality and guarantees of onboarded ones, after the contract completes those will need to select another provider. Probably we will act as a proxy to get a whale discount due the volume.

For all other projects, we did refund, if your is missing just get in touch and we will pay that. We want to proceed in the smoothest way as possible, but changes are always disruptive and uncomfortable. 

We are currently stuck with legal paperwork, and at this point no one can renew the services until it is completed.

We expect to have it all completed in the next 60 days.