MNaaS - Managed Node as a Service

The truth is: no one would rent the full hotel just because a room, a  parking lot for a spot, or even a full apartment with four beds, if bed and breakfast would be ok. Despite that, it is exactly what happens when you to rent a full VPS to have a masternode online just because until now there was no other option. We are very proud to offer MNaaS or Managed Node as a Service, your Bed and Breakfast for masternodes!

There is no magic, bills must be paid, and competition will lead for a fair charging without fat profit margins. So, the question that arises is, how can be this service way cheaper without overselling resources or cheating?

The explanation is simple, we do provide a fair pricing because we are not offering features that the user does not need, and as result we do not have this additional cost to charge! MNaaS is only what a masternode need!

The advantage of MNaaS become even more clear, once the user understands that MNaaS is a Software as a Service (SaaS), while a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is Infrastructure as a Servce (IaaS), while SaaS usually fits perfectly the user needs, IaaS is more flexible, but demands more from the user and it is more expensive by nature.

A vary fair amount of masternode owners never used a VPS before running a masternode, some tried and they did not like to setup it and most of them will never use a VPS for anything than running a hot-wallet, consequently, the user is paying for a large set of powerful tools that will never be used! 

So, why do developers suggest that? They did because there was no better option, and despite been wasteful, it still a very good option to prevent the high-risk approach of keeping the collateral in a computer that has it IP address broadcasted!

It is fair to state that evolution is natural: as CPU mining is in the past, running a full computer just to keep a single software online is also ancient. And as GPU faced ASICS, VPS -- that are IaaS, are now falling for PaaS (eg. nodesupplymasternodo, nodeVps)  and even for SaaS, in this case, what we call MNaaS (Managed Node as a Service).

This advance is happening in well disseminated areas of computing: spreadsheets are online, we just pay to have access for a bunch of titles that will be downloaded when we want to see… even complex photo-editors are online and you pay by month when you use it… and this change has made one big thing: reduced the waste of resources (e.g. plastic, power, fuel) and as consequence increased the whole process efficiency, by delivering and charging only the portion that really matter.

Of course, people still having some software in they personal computer, and some buy Blu-ray, gamers are again having access to GPU and every computer uses a CPU, but, now, they do this kind of things because there are advantages on that, not because it is the “current best option”.

Despite that, these advances are happening now because a fair amount of user that might become clients are now available, as tires made no sense before wheels. We are a heavy IaaS and PaaS users and we are glad to be able to offer Managed Node as a Service, as we are very proud of been in the spearhead of this advance and to bring to the user this innovation.