Smartnode troubleshoot guide

SAPI, Port and hot-wallet testing

Smartnode now have SAPI capability that will help a lot to pinpoint the failure endpoint. In short, if your Smartnode SAPI is sync with the last block (or near it) your Smartnode is good (at least on the server) to provide the rewards

  1. do not use cold wallet as a reference for smartnode status, prefer telegram bot, discord bot (both are available at Smartcash Support Channels), webste like
  2. if more than 1 source show "news start required", check if the Smartcash port is accepting connections with any open port tester  (use your smartnode ip and the smartcash port 9678, if it say closed, get in touch with your service provider (closed may mean node down or overloaded or firewall issues
  3. check you node SAPI (eg.  -- replace the IP by YOUR Smartnode and keep the 8080 port) - compare to Smartcash block explorer, if it is not reporting, try SAPI from your cellphone if the problem persists send an email to, subject down SAPI <IP>, on the body include the screenshot
  4. if SAPI show connections and matches block high, do refresh every 2 minutes to see if it shows change in uptime and block height. If the uptime does not change, send an email to, subject Frozen Smartnode <IP>, on the body include the screenshot
  5. if if the uptime change but is lower than 100,000, it means that this node was restarted by us (freeze or other sync problem), it does indicates that the Smartnode is ready for a cold wallet restart, follow the procedures for Smartnode restart in the botton of the page (please do not skip steps)
  6. right after starting your alias, check on telegram bot, discord bot or website: it should show pre-enable,if not, the problem is in your local wallet (cold wallet) that was unable to broadcast the start to the network, get in touch with Smartcash Support team (your wallet or the broadcast from it is not related to our service/services)
  7. if it shows pre-enable, keep your wallet open and check again in 2h for Enabled status
  8. if it does back to new start required, check SAPI information, if it does match the Smartcash block explorer, it means that the Smartcash node on our server is ok, and it is ok in front of the network, but something in the Smartnode network is not ok, please report all this to the Smartcash team for debug (we cannot do anything about, the node is running in the server as it should, but probably the code is not ok)

Smartnode restart procedure 

  1. open your wallet, let it sync to the blockchain
  2. confirm if the wallet is sync with the Smartnode network by opening de debug, type "snsync status", it should show
    "AssetID": 999,
    "Attempt": 0,
    "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
    "IsSmartNodeSyncStarted": true,
    "IsSmartnodeListSynced": true,
    "IsWinnersListSynced": true,
    "IsSynced": true,
    "IsFailed": false
  3. restart your Smartnode (select the IP and click restart alias)
  4. check on the telegram bot, discord bot, or websites if ti does change the status to pre-enable (if it does not change, it means a problem in the local wallet)
  5. let your wallet open and check back again in 2h, if it does show enable, the procedure failed, it may be a service provider problem, network issue or even a bug (assuming that it did show pre-enable in another source than the local wallet)