Our servers

Our servers are distributed across multiple continents, are 100% dedicated to masternodes and we have full control over these. Its collocation are in high professional facilities with power and datalink redundancies.

All our servers use high efficiency Intel Processors. Each server has at least 64 GB of RAM, the minimum of 16 logical cores and the CPU use always above 40% of the full capacity, no idle time! The implementation completely removed the standardized overheads from operational system virtualization and lead to 10% of RAM demand when compared to the usual approach.

Only team member do all the server operations by setting parameters and running scripts, it allow us leave some hot-wallets configured and running so there is no need to implement a compartmentalized access service and to have unspecialized people accessing the server. This made the system so light, that we can afford two instances of the whole thing running simultaneously in distant facilities!

The Dual-Instance feature represents the ultimate masternode redundancy, the safest approach: every hot-wallet running in a server has a hot-wallet clone running in other facility with internal IP routing, so if a critical event occurs in one city, your masternode will still up and running since it will be up on other facility while technicians solve the problem in the primary one.

This proprietary innovation based in novel operational system deployment is the key for our business success, it prevents interference in the space reserved for each hot-wallet as mitigate the excessive hardware demand from non-optimized approaches.

Indeed, these server optimizations can be done in a scenario that us plenty of different projects in development and might not be required with a few Digital Currencies, but it complete replaces the inefficient of generic Virtual Private Services that has, in its standards a huge package of software that will never be used by the masternode owner.

Imposing the high VPS cost for users is a manner of preventing the creation of novel coin projects that surpass the existing ones in features, as consequence the development is centralized in the hands of pioneers, and that delays a lot the technology advance as whole.

Thus, to foster the technological advance of the blockchain, our company built servers to become affordable for all the coins projects that meet the minimum safety requirement without imposing the need of a high investment for a regular person to become a masternode owner from a project that fits his believes.