EZ Masternodes LLC is an active Domestic Limited Liability Company organized at United States in the New Mexico State under the Business ID# 6040195. Our Certificate of Organization may be validated for free in New Mexico Corporation and Business Services.

The company is dully registered in the United States Internal Revenue Service (Department of the Treasury) with the final 3 digits of its EIN are xx-xxxx459. Service users that prove the IRS report requirement and provide they valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) with a verifiable proof-of-identification (with photo) may request the W8-BEN according to the IRS published instructions. Any requester will be checked and verified against the IRS database prior to the request fulfillment. 

Any provided service is conditioned to our ToS (Term of Service) and relevant polices (i.e. Privacy Policy and Refund Policy). We do not provide any financial service (hence not obligated to perform reports enforced to companies that perform financial services), as our databases are protected by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and respective at any country that we provide service.

Any client information and respective orders details are stored and managed solely in the Shopify database (that is complaint to local laws of countries in which the access is offered). The only personal data maintained in a non-Shopify manged server is the client e-mail that is associated to the service contentes. It is guaranteed by EZ Masternodes and Shopify to ANY client/user the right to get a copy of its records and request full erase of its personal data at any moment.