Taxes, Law compliance and Fees


Due the company current setup, we are not enforced to charge taxes in US, Brazil, and many others. 

Why ask my Billing Address 

The EZ Masternodes is a 100% legal and registered company and is in complete compliance to the Law of Brazil and US. We also strive to deliver our services under high quality standards, hence we are enforced to require your billing address just fulfill the invoice. Despite that since we cannot send goods we cannot verify it.

Order Processing Fee

In order to provide the maximum of transparency, we removed the prorated Order Processing Fee values from the product cost a we did add it in the checkout. This way, every order is properly billed only once and the user may save some bucks by grouping itens in a single order

Financial cost 

Every sell via gateway has a cost of at 3% via conventional methods as credit-cards (Paypal may reach 8.89% of accumulated fees) to be transparent to our users, we show this cost and also allow the user to save 2.5% by paying with selected crytors as TUSD