250 Super Zen Giveway and the reason for that

The growing adoption of blockchain has one simple motive: it provides guarantee without people interference, except that someone need to keep mining. Computers do whatever we program it for, but people have personal interests -- it is natural, but please do not waist our savings to achieve your goals!

We are offering 250 Super Zen Nodes services for free because of the deal that Horizen Labs has with one of our competitors and that offer was promoted by team members of the Horizen Foundation. It is our to say that we do not agree!

Just insert your t-address with 500 ZEN, pick the 90 days plan, insert the code 250-SuperZEN4free in the checkout and enjoy. Usually it will take 10 minutes to have your fist challenge complete

We also will be offering more 1000 services for Horizen Supernodes in the promo GetAnother4Free, so add two equals Horizen Hosting services in the cart, and pay just one, add four, pay for 2!