10+20 Refer a Friend Program

Your friend get 10% off and you get 20% in credits!

As EZ Masternodes is growing in the version 3.0 of its services and to celebrate that we will start the 10+20 Refer-a-Friend Program. Referral credits will be earned only on registered accounts via shareable discount codes (email submission is required). The shareable discount code can be retrived at My Credits link in the right top corner of the page, or from the My Credits link in the User Account page

The 10+20 Refer-a-Friend Program pursit to reward active community members and new users as the following: the new user get 10% off by using the discount code (that can be used only once per user), and the person that gave its shareable discount code will get 20% in credits from the purchase made by the new user.

Many costumers can user a single shareable discount code, but each costumer can user any specific code only once. This approach is oriented to reward community members that are sharing their experiences in the community and almost never get rewarded by it, as also guarantee some discount to users that seek community support. We expect to increase the number of community members that help newcomers as we also foster the growth of users sharing they expererience.

Earned credits can stack with credits from refunds. As earned credits from the 10+20 Refer-a-Friend will expire 30 days after credit. Share the benefits of letting new nodes host on our services to give 10% off and get 20% on credits*!

*Only services in the Premium service are elegible to the program