Polis - Pay using reward

Polis - Pay using reward

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Pay for hosting with Polis using your node reward. Be safe, we will absorb any price fluctuation! We get paid via Deterministic Masternodes only after you getting your reward! Perfect if you have node collateral but do not want to pay for any node hosting services

Check the advantages:

  • total safety guaranteed via code (user keep total control over coins, private keys and masternode)
  • zero commitment 
  • zero risk
  • cancel and start any time
  • easiest deployment - paste and run
  • payment from reward - no need to pay before anymore!
  • overdue worries free
  • our payment is directly linked to the service quality
    (if you lost a reward we do lost too!)
  • we will honor the service offer while the masternode return is higher than U$D 1/month (using masternodes.online as reference)
  • initial 90 days of service guaranteed, even if the coin price drops (if the user set the operator reward properly)

Of course there are some disadvantages: 

  • no commitment = no term or bulk discounts = more expensive 
  • reward cut varies accordingly to the coin value
  • maximum of 24 hours to complete the registration via blockchain
  • the setup fee of U$D 0.10 per node is paid in front and will allows a single activation