Smartnodes freeze notice - block 1761798

All Smartnodes hosted with us stopped to advance on the blockchain download after block 1761798. This same behavior across multiple serves, while other projects are fine, points to Smartcash code thing.

While contacting people that host on unrelated services, we confirmed that this critical event also was noticeable on Smartnodes that are not hosted at EZ Masternodes.

Taking the in account the events suffered by other ZCoin (read more here)  in the past 72h, and the recent mining of blocks of the Smarcash 1.3, we believe that it may be a blockchain split after a chain attack. UPDATE: we got confirmations that there was no attack or anything sinister, not even a chain split, Smartcash team will explain this properly via the best channels. Smartcash is protected from this by Smartmining 

Due our structure we were able to correct the blocks download and overwrite the incorrect. Users may restart, indeed some Smartnodes did recover due this approach without restart.



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