Smartcash - Orphan chain detected - Restart required

While checking Missing nodes we noticed that 21 Smartnodes (30% of the server) got stuck in the blockchain fork (block 1049298), but some in the same server did not present any issue. Users may notice that just some nodes where able to recover. While orphan blocks are expected and well handled by PoW, it is unexpected to have those nodes stuck.Our guess is that those nodes shared the same peers as they interconnect even more due to short ping ban from main chain.

We reset the daemons using a bootstrap from a healthy node and those are all ready to run. Affected users MUST restart the nodes as required. Affected nodes are restricted between two IP spaces: [64.44.137.{2--34}] and [64.44.142.{52--71}], but not all nodes in the spaces require restart. This is a software/blockchain event and is not covered by our SLA.

Despite the lack of SLA coverage, we have the pleasure to announce that in a couple of weeks we will be testing our state-of-art Advanced Monitoring System that shall be able to handle even some of these scenarios without user intervention.


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