Smartcash blockchain freeze at block height 1239298

More than 70% of our superServers had at least 5 Smartnodes with the blockchain frozen at height 1239298, possible due orphan blocks.

Our AI restarted the nodes using the last 24h bootstrap and that did not solve the situation. After the communication from users that some nodes were Expired, we were able to manually create a bootstrap from health nodes, spread it across superServers, so AI could set the nodes in the correct blockchain.

The total of 443 Smartnodes were restarted in less than 50 minutes, hence, some nodes will require a new start.

All the superServers were under nominal workload before and during the process, this event is NOT eligible for SLA



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  • I purchased SmartNode on EZ Is there something I need to do in my wallet? Please kindly assist.

    Mphithizeli Tyobeka

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