Smartcash 1.3.3 Update

Using some of our routines and the new version 1.3.3, we were able to guarantee sync of 100% of our nodes (358 IPs). We also made available some regular nodes to increase the number of available wallets in the version 1.3.3, as there is a shortage of nodes with protocol 90031.

We also can confirm, that, even for the version 1.3.3 (with minpeerprotocol=90031), our nodes did connect to older protocol nodes and get inbound connections too. Hence it may NOT be a permanent solution. We will not proceed with a banHammer, because it can lead to the Smartnode network collapse.

How to proceed to restart your Smartnode:

  1. update to Core wallet 1.3.3, Smartcash Core github or Electrum 4.05 (preferred solution, as the Smartcash team is in charge of the Electrum server, but it always have a delayed update);
    1. for core Wallet only:

      • reindex,
      • config (with minpeerprotocol=90031),
      • if you get a stuck block you can check  here how to solve; 
      • confirm that you have the last block of the Smartcash blockchain (compare to the Smartcash explorer)
      • check if your wallet is sync to the Smartnode network (open the core wallet go to debug, type snsync status -- it shall show IsSynced: true); 
  2. if you are using Electrum 4.05, or Core Wallet, and it is sync to the Smartnode network, and to the Smartcash blockchain, restart your node (please be attention, Smartcash blockchain and Smartnode network are two different and new independent things); If your wallet failed to get sync on the blockchain or Smartnode network seek for the Smartcash team support on Telegram or Discord (we will provide no support on that)
  3. leave your wallet open, check back again in 2h, if it is not Enabled, restart it, if it does not get Enable get in touch with support;

Support limitation Disclosure

In order to provide a high quality service to all our users, including other projects, we notified the Smartcash team that the Smartcash 1.3.3 did not provide a satisfactory solution. Also, we did provide corroboratory information and additional info to help solving this problem.

We would like to remark that we have no part on the Smartcash Project, get any compensation or any kind of payment. The massive support workload of Smartcash will be throttled to a fair frequency. 

Starting now, we will do limit the Smartcash support to server side until Tuesday, 22nd, users may send an email to requesting to restart the Smartnode on the server side (it is necessary to provide EZ order number, IP and genkey)





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