Smartcash 1.3.2 cost Update

Dear users, this is the first time that EZ Masternodes will increase the cost price of a masternode service. This will effect SmartCash SmartNodes.

In order to define a price, we calculate the resources allocation and the allocation period. Usually, the cheapest resource is storage, moving to RAM, than CPU, than Internet data traffic. While expressive changes on the data traffic are rare, changes on the way a daemon uses CPU and RAM are very common, and usually in way that reduces its rates. Many coins have its prices reduced due those improvements.

On the opposite direction, the Smartcash development team has added new features that have increased resource usage. Their blockchain adds indexes for transactions doubling the blockchain space required to host SmartNodes. They have also added an additional port for communication called the SAPI. These changes require more resources and we are adjusting our hosting costs to compensate.

So, starting now, we will be reducing the amount of REMAINING service for the current contracts by half, and doubling the price. We believe that this measure should allow us to remain healthy and continue to provide Smartnode Services. This price adjust will be performed soon. Again, this situation of increase in the on the usage of resources was defined by the Smartcash team and takes part of a larger strategy goal, we are just working in a transparent way to guarantee the required resources to run the Smartnode for the contracted term, even with reduced profits.



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