Service limited - Nodes information are unavailable for the user

EZ Masternodes is experiencing some temporary technical difficulties: our node database is temporary non-responsible. For safety sake there is a complete compartmentalization among our operation fronts, the website (provided by Shopify) and the production servers (in which daemons are running, provided by Nexeon) are 100% ok, but the database that consolidates IP, genkeys, slots assignments is not responsive (provided by Hence, there is no sales and managed node hosting interruption, but the automatized processing of orders is broken.

Despite 100% of responsiveness of our provider webfront, the access to our specific database is fault. We are aware that they host it at Amazon EC3, hence we believe that this a simple software/routing issue. We already got in touch with them and hope for fast solution. While the problem is not solved, we will not be able to deliver new orders or even show details about running orders.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we are positive that this issue shall be solved soon!



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