Server update for Polis Core v1.4.11 - Mandatory

We shall be performing the server update for all of our Polis nodes according to the team requirements today (April/17/2019)!

This is a Mandatory updates for masternode servers and local wallet. The failure to update servers before Friday, April 19th will keep nodes in the old chain (earned rewards after that will not be valid in the main chain), and users will not be able to see the rewards. The includes a simple sporks key update, without protocol change, hence no restart is required (if the update is performed before the deadline)!

Despite many other updates, it fix the hash kernel (very important!) and will also improve the period for earning new rewards (the user get multiple rewards in a short period, than take longer to get again), after this version the reward frequency shall become smoother and more "predictable", even because it does not change the average ROI expectation per node.

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