Protection fault, 35 nodes off: full compensation + bonus to affected users

We just noticed that 35 Horizen nodes (8 super, 27 sec) went off due to server protection miss fire. The nodes with lost reward are between sv1508--sv1540 and sv1811--sv1820.

This failure was caused by improper monitoring and we shall compensate all the users affected automatically. All users will be compensated above the expected earnings: Super $4.00; Secure $0.80, the compensation process will be performed at May 24th, users will get an email with details.

We estimate that the failure will be limited to one day, but if the adjacent reward is lost it will be compensate too.

Also, we would like to inform that our Advance Monitoring system is almost ready (shall be online at early June) and shall reduce the critical events frequency.

Our team also apologize for any additional the inconvenience.

UPDATE: credit process completed

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