PIVX 4.0 Mandatory update

PIVX team released the wallet 4.0 that requires update in the cold (the one in which the coins are stored) and hot wallet (the wallet that runs the masternode in the server). More info.

After the update the user MUST restart the masternode, hence, to mitigate losses, the update in the server side will be performed by Saturday, December 21st at 1:00 PM GMT. 

User MAY upgrade the cold wallet before, but MUST NOT restart the node before of servers. For the restart after the server update, the cold wallet is required to be the 4.0 version.

User required actions:

  • Update PROPERLY the cold wallet (backup, etc);
  • AFTER Saturday, December 21st at 1:00 PM GMT, restart the masterno
  • Confirm the ENABLE status 2 hours after the update


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