PAC Global Update

There is a high increase in the required amount of resources to run a PAC node, according to our metrics it uses now 400% more resources than before deterministic masternodes (last long term version). The PAC developer confirmed that this a consequence of determinist masternodes with Proof-of-Stake and that he is already testing a new version that should stop the increasing demand for resources. 

Due this increase in requirements, some nodes are getting banned. As we cannot be sure of the development results, we acquired a fair amount of servers to accommodate this additional load in order to managed this situation. As consequence we will no longer offer the promotional price for PAC. The price adjustment is minimal, but required to keep the service healthy.

We wish the best lucky to @barryStyle -- the Dev that created the first PoS + DIP008 coin -- to improve the resource usage, he is doing a great job keeping the network in shape which is a remarkable result with deep reflects on the PAC Global price.


  • I think is bad a very cheap service but failing. Today the price is 25/year, I think will be better 50 but with MN not failing.

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