New PAC Global: PoS + deterministic masternode online

After 2 versions, PAC Global team was able to make all the nodes sync again (gj Barry). Now PAC Global is the 1st coin to have all the network using PoS (Proof-of-Stake)  + DIP003 (deterministic masternodes from Dash -- tons of new possibilities)

With DIP003, the masternode owner is 100% free from the obligation of pressing the restart button! So, after the proper registration the masternode owner is released from the obligation of keep checking the masternode for a possible New restart request.

We can confirm that all our nodes are in the correct chain in the correct blockheight and some masternodes already got rewarded. 


Masternode owners MUST update the wallet and register the masternode (can be done using any existing collateral -- the amount of PAC remains the same). The setup is plenty of steps, but despite long, it is not complex at all!

We still have more 80 masternodes services in the promo Buy One Get one. So guys, enjoy the good news!


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