Not only growing, we are getting better!

First thing comes first: thank you! Your financial commitment with our long-term plans, even after an average discount of 20%, did allow us to plan and invest accordingly, now we are harvesting the results. We know that it is not simple to do an upfront payment for 360 days of service, it really requires a bit of trust!

As you trusted us, we always strived for customer satisfaction; we really mean it. Anyone among our customers that asked for a due compensation knows that! This mindset with competitive rates, allowed us to get some attention in a market full of sharks, and we kept growing.

By August 1st, 2019, we did our first major structure upgrade: moved to newer and more capable servers (and with minimal downtime); 150 days later, we moved not only to more modern servers, but we moved to OUR servers – yes, a massive investment! Now we are moving your nodes, not only to newer and better servers, we reached the final frontier: a fully dedicated server rack in a private cage!

Ask to any IT guy – this is heaven: a 42U rack that have only EZ Masternodes servers and that is inside of a private cage! It means, that our servers are isolated and protect, will not suffer due any maintenance in adjacent machines, we can even access that and touch it if we want! Besides that, having a dedicated 1GBps uplink will guarantee some “satisfaction”! Privacy and exclusiveness for the sake of stability, is not cheap, but really worth for us!

To make it even better we decide to go even deeper on our pockets: deploying Infiniband across our private network with multiple and redundant storage servers, under the amazing bandwidth of 40GBps. With that, we can start faster new nodes, and, even more important recover faster from a node freeze, or even from the full failure of ANY server!

Despite very promising, this upgrade is very complex, took a bunch of working hours on the planning and now is taking in the execution, in the next 24h we shall start to move nodes. Please be patience, we are having delays on the order deliver, and probably we are going to face some downtime, but after this is complete, we all be proud of having your nodes running in the top notch enterprise level servers that is fully owned by us, and maintained by a very capable team at Nexeon Infrastructure as a Service.

We are not only increasing 400% in the capacity that we have 1 year ago, this is EZ Masternodes getting deeply committed with your rewards and total satisfaction!



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