Miss configuration of 15 Horizen Daemons

Today, we received out of sync emails from Horizen System about block Height variance. After the 3rd email, we started to check.

Our initiall attempt to restart all the daemons in the server lead to a even more severe issue. In the end the solution could not be completed before 1H, and might not be completed before 2 hours. 

The initial error was a incorrect data IO restriction. This restriction is also a protection, but if not correctly maintained it will lead to events like this.

All the nodes that miss a reward in the range sv1541 to sv 1555 will be refunded.

User just need to send an email to support@ez-masternodes.com with the subject Miss reward Horizen - svXXXX. The system will pay the lost reward to the t-address.

We appologize for this inconvenience and guarantee that we will improve our operational routine.

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