Lack of IPv6 connectivity - Courtesy credit

We detected 6 Horizen Secure nodes that lost IPv6 connectivity during 4 hours due external routing issues. These are exclusion to SLA compensation policy, but to improve user experience we will offer some credit as courtesy matching the reward value (USD 0.34). znfXyASahyq4Whu2fAd3nWVuRgzH9f7zwgq zncwiSTRdmqcDpTTk3jjvSLHWdox1fahs8S znp7hAxeZoUeHAnzX1dRskTF3DfPAi5sT8B znnBozgXpdioWANXS4njz6ogswCecMS6JXZ znhoNd4hr13bv8MS7LT3RkM96Sdx3UCdSDU znR8Wc1SdjBhhuEtQxLGKMeakUGxLuHfBCH

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