DNS failure, lost reward - SLA approved with full compensation

Our DNS service provider EasyDNS was unable to recover the DNSSec key.

It should not be a problem because DNS validation is performed in a near realtime operation, but Horizen do that in a way that it is tested not very often, hence many nodes lost rewards.

We understand that this event could be avoided if we had full control over our DNS records instead using a third party service. Hence, we decide to offer full compensation of the lost reward. 

To make easier for everyone, we will pay this with ZEN directly to the node collateral address by April 15th, 2020, the payment will amount will be the same as the node got reward by 100% uptime. 

All the payments will be performed from our official Horizen Wallet zncDm5vxLWca9m8M7KZcFaSogqkQtG3r5fs


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