Horizen 2.0.2 - Mandatory update

We are proud to announce that we took advantage of this update to test our servers, we took real risk on this: update all nodes at once!

Yes, we did: restarted all Horizen nodes at very same moment! The perfect test for hosting capability! In most of our superservers all Horizen nodes were updated in less than 30 minutes! The server was full load, not a single service was shutdown to perform the massive restart of nodes! This is the best proof that we do not over-commit our resources! Quality and fair pricing to you!

Despite the total success restarting daemons, "weird" things happen with nodetracker sometimes, and not very often multiplied by many nodes testing its lucky may lead to some downtime. Every node owner must check if the node is Up and report if not. Our manual inspection may take sometime to be completed.

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