Hardware failure - bad power cord on server CHI12 - nodes down

We regret to inform that one of our super servers had some downtime. The super server CHI12, become unresponsive at 14:35:46 CDT, it was running fine since started servicing by Feb 07 13:54:51. Remote restart attempts were unsuccessful, it resumed its duty after a disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord

Deterministic masternodes will not be affected. Simple consensus masternodes will require a new start. This event was not predictable, but considered acceptable in a low cost approach, hence it is not covered by our SLA.

We strongly suggest users to mention the deterministic masternodes advantage to project developers, while we remark that users from the projects PAC, Polis, Zcoin and BitG will not be affected due it the use of the novel tech.

Also, we would like to mention that Crown and PIVX already announced to move to adapt to it in the next release.


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