EZ AI + PAC: perfect symbiosis

We must make clear one thing: PAC Global was the first coin to blend DIP003 and PoS, no only that, they make it work in a record time...

Now the improvement stage, many things were adequated: disk usage (not an issue for many, big concern for some), daemon eficiente, a very elegant way to choke cheater nodes! Of course, all of this do not come without bug or buts... But for sure, the PAC dev is active and working in the right direction. 

We are happy to announce that our AI was able to take the most of this new version and everything is working as should. It is even beautiful to see!

Users, please open your wallets and take a look if there is any node that is not OK and inform. From now on, we expect to see problems in a rate lower than 0.02%, so please inform any inconsistency.

To all users with orders on hold, this accomplishment means, that your orders will be delivered very, very soon.

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