Crown Blockchain fork issues and fix

According to blockchain records, many Crown mining nodes (Systemnode and Masternodes), became forked from the mainnet (we estimate around 10-15%) and did not converge back to the main blockchain even after 1000 mined blocks by October 28th, 2020. During whole day, it was possible to notice to active blockchains getting mined on both blockchains.

The Crown team got in touch with us as soon the problem was noticed and provide clear guidelines to mitigate network damage and to fix forked nodes.

After some hours of dedicated work with the Crown team, we were able to select and kill all the nodes in the alternative network, and restart it in the indicated mainnet (our records also indicated that 70% of the nodes were active in the recommend blockchain). This event affected nodes completely at random, in any VPS from many providers and companies as also in all hosting solution providers.

All the performed task were manually performed and are a temporary solution as the cause was not addressed. The Crown development team is working on a new version that should prevent it to happen again. There is no ETA on the new version, or clear mention about if it will require or not the user intervention.

For now, we recommend users to check the block hash of the block 3103780 (a2d8c2769768ed43d9b175faac749d2355125823fe28b6b03eb3109e7d4e5573), if it matches, please, leave the wallet open for 30 minutes, restart if required and leave the wallet open for at least 1 hour to be sure that the node is Enabled. If the block hash for height 3103780 does not match, seek support in the Crown team, restarting the node in the alternative chain may not restart it in the main chain.

Currently all nodes at EZ Masternodes are stable, in the same network and reporting the same block hash as expected.

We also noticed that, there is no direct correlation about missing nodes and the node chain (nodes in the alternative chain were reported as Enabled), on the other hand, nodes in the main chain may had been marked as Expired and Missing while active. 


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