CRON: Blockchain fork made nodes require new restart

Our AI detected a blockchain fork that become orphan within minutes. Indeed a bootstrap was performed automatically, but since the bootstrap source was create some minutes before the fork, the refreshed nodes got stucked again in the same block height. To solve that the AI loaded an older bootstrap and refreshed the blockchain in those nodes.

Unfortunately the fix after two bootstrap procedures took more than 90 minutes and the crown network was not fast enough to sync all the blocks before the new start required.

Users with a Crown masternode with the new start required status shall restart the node and check if it become ENABLED. Blockchain forks with an orphan chain are natural to Bitcoin forks, the 120 minutes to new start limit was deprecated by Dash to an adaptive model that take in account the number of blocks online to tag a node as expired. Hence a permanent solution can be applied via new daemon version with DIP003.


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