critical server failure - chi02: bad RAM piece

Our server CHI02 (the very same one that act as a hub for shared date) freezed by 2020-09-01 10:42:59 CDT. We restarted the server to mitigate losses, but many clients of legacy masternodes (ie. non deterministic masternodes) will need to restart its nodes.

The cause of freeze is a bad piece of RAM. This server has 24 pieces of RAM, despite the possibility of a simple bad seating, we will move the load to the backup server, and replace the piece with problem and do intensive testings before setting moving it to production again. This server is active since new year, providing good service, we believe that the piece of RAM is just random event.

There was no maintenance or any activity that is not linked to production, this event is not covered by our SLA.


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