Bitcoin Confidential Service Relaunch

Since Bitcoin Confidential release we provided 100% free service for cold staking due its low running cost. Until now, we had only ONE paid service (about $1). But the support dimension of the service provided to be very time consuming. 

Yesterday, after the corruption beyond recovery of the wallet that controls all the staking address (it had 37MB), all cold staking nodes went down, and, in order to resume the cold staking, a new registration with a new cold stake is required.

We also decide to relaunch the service, with a very low price (way less than 1 cent per day), in order to repay all the cost already endured by the company and guarantee the service offer in the future and distribute the cold stake addresses across many staking daemons.  

This measure will bring balance and sustainability to the offered service, while will foster a high quality service for all users. We also would like to remark that this approach was suggested by some users that were very pleased with our services and want that we keep offering it.


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  • Fixed!
    Works fine!

  • I bought a new one a few days ago. ( ORDER EZ3283 )Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either.


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