Bitcoin Confidential wallet.dat fault, staking stopped

After some complains about the lack of reward we retrieved info from the running daemon on our server node and found that it is running with a blank wallet.dat (no stacking addresses in there). Indeed the cold stacking has stopped. Unfortunately the backup file has the same information (we do not have an older version).  

Despite unclear reasons that will be evaluated during this week, we will seek to fix it as soon as possible. We are already in touch with the team support and shall provide a solution to restart the staking in the next 24 hours. Please do not try anything before we provide guidance.

Next step will include but not be limited too:

  • Attempt to reload the list of stake addresses;
  • Define service restart strategy;
  • Contact users via e-mail;
  • Deploy an incremental and distributed wallet.dat backup for Bitcoin Confidential;
  • Create a node status page with all the info that cannot be accessed by the user;
  • Create/define a protection protocol;

We apologize for any inconvenience. 



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