What is going on? -- We are almost there

Two years ago, our team started: initially the goal was to reduce the hosting cost of a masternode coin called Rapture. The initial experimentation started. 

Of course, developers did a good job focusing they expertise in the development of project using available solutions -- VPS. It can is very satisfactory for some projects as Dash, but the crypto community has strong beliefs in decentralization, hence, allow people that is not rich participating without risks is a consequence.

In that scenario VPS cost became something expressive, even because it was not taylored as SaaS - Software as a Service. Hence we started to build what we call MNaaS -- Managed Node as a Service.

MNaaS, is a mix of Software as a Service with Hosting as a Service, and it is completely focused in efficiency, with the single goal of driving the cost to a value that is deeply related to the requirements in order to provide higher profitability.

Almost 800 days and about 8.000 started nodes from the very first Linux code, we are almost completed the goals set in the start: a platform that has all the required isolation from VPS, with the flexibility and efficiency of a dedicated environment.

EZ Masternodes has its own platform, built from bare Ubuntu, that is somewhere between the VPS and the instance execution. Our nodes have all the networking and code isolation of a VPS with the ability to share resources with the perfect allocation of a single host under a large set of management codes. Now every data frame is routed directly from the gateway to the correct MAC/port -- no redirects, nat or anything else -- and that means efficiency that is translated in lower costs!

This took time and money, we always paid generous amounts every time that our experiences lead to restart to guarantee one thing that is among the most important for every company: the client satisfaction.

Now, even the platform upgrade now is stable: the last server was upgrade without a single been offline for more than 30 minutes. The learning curve (or mistakes boundaries) is something that we shall always respect! We have a fair amount of compensations to be paid from this upgrade!

We would like to say thanks for our clients  and to make the promise of keeping the hard work to make the EZ Masternodes your favorite nodes airline that will always strive to let your node online 24x7 -- guaranteed!

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