Smartcash delisting update

We received with great surprise, the Smartcash post about our poor service and delisting, while it is clear for everyone that we are no longer selling Smartcash services since Phoenix version 1.3, and for long term customers that we provided a grade A service, that followed all the rules and had even been used to create free explorers from our IPs.

So we will not only defend ourselves from the accusations bellow, as we will expose how Smartcash is deceiving they investors (not talking about empty promises as Super nodes or other non delivery things, I'm talking about current practices).

For everyone that host with us before Phoenix version, there no need to talk about. Even because we have structure to host 1,200 Smartnodes. Including public IPv4 (here -- from ARIN that is the organization that control IP at North America).

We have no need to talk about our hardware or anything, as it is all made public by Horizen Trackers and anyone can access this information without the need of any identification. Horizen is currently the best coin to identify bad hosting services. If your server deny a connection (no matter the reason, it will be logged and reduced from reward). Anyway, try to find how much does cost the rental of a barebone with Intel Xeon E7-8890v4 @ 2.2Ghz (that has 192 cores -- this machine has 4 cpus). So many serious projects as CROW, PAC, Polis, Horizen, PIVX, ZCoin (refreshed to Firo) not only make clear the requirements, as also force a checking via code.

In opposition to that you have Smartcash that has a very old code that since ever, do not even require to have IPv4 to host a node, despite published. 

Basically, you can run any amount of Smartnodes even without a IPv4. No matter what they say. You can easily prove that by yourself, just start a Smartnode on your computer, with any IP you like, like -- be creative, I saw already or or even 666.666.666.666, the single thing u need to do is to create an adapter that has the "created ip", on linux it is simple as "ip a a dev <device that has 1 valid IP>"; you will see that, it is not only possible, as you will get rewards.

This practice is very common among "home made hosting companies" that do not have access to IPv4 (you need to have registration that cost around $4,000/year just to be able to have IPs assigned to your company (each IPv4 cost around $20 - lifecost), or you need to use a company that has that an IPs and pay a premium per IP as Digital Ocean, Vultr).

As we need to compete against "companies" that have no owner, address, or anything (in opposition to us), we made this flaw very clear to Smartcash team, about 2 years ago, we were even challenged to prove it by faking the IP of team member computer and get a node reward from it. They promised to fix it, but it was never fixed, because, well why are they interested i in it? Now, they did a large change that increased the Smartnode cost in way that the biggest holders (current and old team members), can get even more than those that run a Smartnode without any cost or work, brilliant.

So, our clients, will not have to face this cost anymore. So, host your node in you home computer. Create an IP, as the IP does not ID your computer, it will not expose your computer.

Those are clear lights of a dying project: the team cheating on investors with lies over parts that do not bend to they will. If you wanna to play fair, and want your provider to do the same, check the IP for inbound connections with any port checker that you find online, use our trobleshooting tutorial for SmartNodes. While it is possible that your connection to be denied (show port closed) sometimes, it HAS to show open port at some point or you are using a fake (spoofed IP); 


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