Smartcash delisting notice

First thing that we want to say is that, we delist Smartcash from our services against our own desire. Smartnode hosting was the first service offered by EZ Masternodes 3 years ago and for sometime we were the hosting service with biggest number of Smartnodes online. But we have to honor our commitment to a quality service which we could not provide after the SmartNode Phoenix.

Options for active services

We will not respond any question about SmartNodes in the support chat. All and any communications and questions must to be direct to 

Our customers will have 2 options: (a) get promotional credits; (b) continue the Smartnode Service with an adjusted cost to $6/mo

Users will get credit according to the date of purchase and if the service has expire date larger than the SmarNode 2.0 mandatory deadline. For services purchased before Sept 15th, 2020 (release of the current version), we will give $10 in credits; for services purchase after the release of the current version we will provide $15 in credit. In both cases the credit will be add to the user account by January 15, 2021. This will be default option. Users with services that will terminate before January 15th, can cancel the service and get $5 credit. If no SmartNode release is done before January 15th, this date will be assumed as the mandatory deadline, 

For those that prefer to continue its service, they will need to make it clear via email request before the release of the new version or Janury 15h (whatever comes first), and will get new IP and Genkey (this is an opt in alternative).

No need to mention how expensive it will be for us, but we want to make this adjust painless as possible -- of course, it does not mean no pain, as anything in crypto. We will not offer new services even charging $6/mo, our goal is to remove SmartNode from our platform as soon as possible.

The Reason

Hosting any coin has a hardware cost and support cost that is pro-rated among those that make use of the hosting solution for that coin. For coins that have no issues (Horizen, PVIX, BITG, ZCOIN among many others), this cost is very cheap, coins that have a high number of users complaining, this cost is high. So a coin that have too much trouble and to few users, its cost is usually above the reward value. 

Smartcash was the coin that pushed us to create an AI due its low stability, but about 2,000 lines of JavaScript/bash did compensate it (it basically do load a snapshot when the node loses sync). With the SuperRewards after Phoenix release, it became more profitable to stake with SuperRewards than to run a Smartnode, it caused a very high number of cancelations even without any type of compensation (only mini whales can do that). We dropped from near 1,200 Smartnodes to bellow 300. Not only the the support cost increased 4x, as the hardware cost increased 1.5-2.0x, the current cost to run a Smartnode on our platform is higher than the SmartNode rewards. Also Smartcash reduced drastically the SmartNode support team, which also adds up to higher support cost, hence not meeting the requirements to be in our platform.

A new Smartnode version will be released, and due the current experience we decide to delist Smartcash. We even offered free of cost hardware for the Smartcash team to keep the current nodes, but they declined -- we offered a fully paid machine that can run more than 500 Smartnodes, completelly free of costs for 6 months and they declined -- that does worth more than U$D 2,500. We also received an offer to continue, but as it did not compensate us for the previous cost, we declined.


I want cancel my service and get credits, what do I need to do?

If you want to get credits, you need to do nothing. Just wait, once the period for users to make they choice end, we will process all at once and you will get an email.

If I my service has 1 day to be delivered after the mandatory update date, will I get $10 in credit?

Yes, you will get $10 per active service -- nice right?

If my service was initially until late June 2021, will I get the same $10 in credit?

Yes, this a mount is not a compensation it is a token to increase the satisfaction of our customers that invested in a project that do not foster masternodes as used to do.

Who can get $15 in credit?

Some users that purchased 1 year long services and did not used a lot of it.

Why giving $10 in credit for users that have way less than that to get in service?

We want to keep our customers, no matter if in other projects.

Will you guys do any refund?

No Smartnode service is eligible to refund.

I want to keep my Smartnode, how should I proceed?

Send an e-mail to from the same email address that is registered at EZ Masternodes, with the order number, we will provide a new order with IP and genkey for setup. We will start to deliver replacement IPs and genkeys by December 15th 2020.

Why new IPs and genkeys?

We are considering to pay to competitors to run Smartnodes in this short period (we will forward everything), as even someone that has $10 worth in services to be delivered, will not have it running for 60 days.


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