Horizen Super Bundle - Happy 3rd B-day

Horizen project is not a baby anymore, it grew up and completed more than 1000 days online with a very active team and community. Indeed they even have a version deprecation schedule, that works as should, pretty impressive results!

We do understand that Super Nodes deserve a bit more of incentive in order to allow Horizen to grow even more. Hence we are making public a 20% reduction in the base price of Horizen Super nodes (from $100/360 days to $80/360) and creating a the Horizen Super Bundle, that add a free Secure node service for each Super node service.

By doing this, the we do allow the user to have a very convenient service with  reward guarantee that cover most events with the similar price of a regular cost of a VPS, so no need to worry about updates, restarts, coding, while enjoy a lower price.

To enjoy this bundle, the user just need to add to the shopping cart one service of Horizen Super Node with its proper t-address, one service of Secure node with its own t-address and use the proper discount code from the list bellow. Of course, this works in a proportional way, so if you add 5 Super and 5 Secure, you will pay only the cost of 5 Super!

IMPORTANT: To avoid delays in the activation, make sure that all the Horizen t-address were never used as collateral of a Horizen Node. If you do not have all the coins for the Zen Secure node but expect to have soon, just keep at least 1 ZEN on it and top it up when possible. By doing that our AI will try again to register your Secure Node every day, when it does get the minimum 42 ZEN balance, it will get online without and special requirement.

Each discount code match a service period, hence select properly or the bundle will not be granted:

                       Service duration Discount Code (click to add to cart)
30 days zenSuperBundle-30d
90 days zenSuperBundle-90d
180 days zenSuperBundle-180d
360 days zenSuperBundle-360d


WARNING: be careful while indicating the t-addresses and discount codes, any manual intervention will require a staff power up (here), this is our way to provide a fair pricing for everyone without billing people that do cost any extra :D

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