Here we go

As a regular technology enthusiast, we jumped in the digital coins world, and as the most, we got frustrated with it. The felling that the whales and developers are just taking our money arouse, the technology is marvelous, but we are getting broke!!!

So many fees, after running some number, we got it: the profits are real, we are just losing it for guys in the middle and should not be middle mans in the digital world, we are already sick of the big banks! Deals between developers and providers, providers and exchanges, payments for information without any value, deep market manipulation, all of it unacceptable for a globalized world in 2018!

We decide to move forward, chin up, brain and fingers working! It is only needed to figure out how the system works and do it by ourselves. And after doing the homework we discovered, the blockchain technology is not profitable anymore to us, because they are charging too much, the right amount to keep us as slaves!

$50 to keep my masternode online? Insane!!! $5 for one VPS and I must do all the job, please, show some respect!

From the scratch we started, for us, shared with friends accepted colleagues, and from their feedbacks and support we improve, increase 1000% the efficiency, we got out from the standard copy and paste thing, we made something unique!

Everyone liked it, even stated that we are asking too little for such easy service, so we raised price a bit to go broader, and here we are, offering a high quality hot wallet service, fully redundant that make no use of VPS or containers just these are easy to deploy, and it shall allow everyone to have its own masternode up running 24/7 in an affordable value

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