We are getting even bigger and better

Often, users ask how can we provide a good service with this price. The response is quite simple: commitment, development and investment.

After becoming a fully legal company at USA (read more), we are increasing our commitment with better hardware, to provide the best customer experience in Masternodes as an Service -- MNaaS (the tailored masternode version of SaaS).

Our new servers have even more a higher CPU/RAM ratio! We are moving to expensive servers with Dual E5-2695 v2 (going up to 3.2 GHz each core) + 384GB of DDR3 RAM + Intel Optane + Intel 3600 NVME + RAID 1+0 SAS II disks. So yes, only high end corporative degree stuff and we have full control over it!

On top of that, we are proud to announce that deploying our proprietary IPv4 space, so soon you will see EZ Masternodes LLC even in the Whois info! All running in a Tier III+ facility in which the walls are protected with Kevlar with 16 fiber entry points and the 2N power redundancy + high end cooling.

We just reached the mark of almost 500 x E5 Xeon cores with 5TB of RAM available! So, try to guess how many nodes we are capable to run with this structure!

Geeks and Linux users may enjoy the screenshots bellow:


This massive investment show our commitment to the future that will guarantee your nodes online for a long time. So, be sure that to provide the best deal in MNaaS, we use just high end hardware and do a massive investment! Sweet stuff offered with the best pricing.Share your refer code with your friends to give and get credits!

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