EZ Masternodes it is now an United States Company

Some users in the past told us that our "trust score" would increase if our company were based at United States instead of a third world country. It really made sense to us, despite our service been an internet based service, an office with a physical address at US may increase the safety feeling for our customers. We believe that money spent increasing the customer satisfaction is better spent than in marketing if we take in account the long game.

We are very proud to announce, that all our activities will be processed via the EZ Masternodes LLC entity, a company organized at United States. It also allowed us to increase the number of payment gateways, lower the charged rates (even the Paypal charges become lower) -- yeah no kidding, all the payment gateway exploit emergent economies as Brazil.

The choice of the New Mexico State for the company organization was based in its simplified taxes duties. More details about our legal info can be found here. No change were made in the location of servers (most at Chicago, IL) and or in the team workplace, hence the no service disruption is expected. 

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