Up to 60 days of free hosting for the 100k SmartNodes!

The Brazil SmartCash Team and EZ Masternodes are proud to bring the SmartNode 100k +60d: this promotion will provide up to 60 days of free service for any SmartNode plan at EZ Masternodes.

The number of days in the clockcounter will start to tick for the 30, 90, 180 and 360 days plan at April 30th only. So, sonner your SmartNode is hosted with us, more free hosting you get!

The promo is valid for new plans too, but limited to a total of 400 SmartNodes with the bonus. If your Smartnode 100k is running with us, the bonus is guaranteed and it will be applied for all the newer plans until the total is reached.

Besides the regular crypto payments (that includes Smartcash) it is possible to purchase your plan only with redeemed credits from our 10+ Referral Program as also with credits from refunds from canceled plans.

Enjoy this opportunity and bring your SmartNode to fly with us!

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