Higher ground of MNaaS - Managed Nodes as a Service

In the first four months of 2019 EZ Masternodes accomplished some goals that will allow it to stay in a higher ground of node service. We are always seeking to offer a better service with a reasonable price, and with this mindset of excellence we accomplished:

  • Referral program
  • Total isolation among the three main service fronts: website shopping, database and service servers; this was built in a way that the website has no contact with the service servers for safety and stability; all the operations requested by the website go to the managed database to be processed by the service server in the convenience of these;
  • Servers upgrade without any price increase: we moved from linear SSDs to RAID 0 SSds, reaching speeds near 1 GBps on disk operations; we also doubled the RAM available per server to 256 GB to guarantee stability even in cases of unexpected RAM demand (poor tailored project updates)
  • Adjusted down the price of several coins that improved its daemons (ie. Smartcash and Horizen)
  • Improved user credit system (for cancellations, referral and bonus)
  • Improved CPU priority: higher is the cost of your plan, higher priority the daemon has;
  • New coins included: Twins, SafeInsure, ZelCash, PAC and PivX
  • Multiple seamless daemons update
  • More than U$D 8,000.00 in credit distributed among clients’ due cancelations for collateral adequation (Bitblocks and Smartcash)
  • Free cold stake service for Bitcoin Confidential
  • Node connection improvement: nodes hosted at our service do not interconnect anymore!

These accomplishments are facts of our evolution towards total excellence and costumer satisfaction. All of this is part of a long-term strategy, in which we have defined for the 2019 roadmap:

  • User dashboard
  • Proprietary node tracking service
  • 15 More new coins
  • Increase of the support staff
  • Total automatization of the service purchase process for complex coins like Crown and Horizen

We will seek to develop these features with efficiency that drives low cost with high quality and the ultimate respect for client! EZ Masternodes will move from a node parking lot to your favorite node airline, keeping your nodes in the air 24x7 with high satisfaction!


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