All nodes running in top notch servers!

Ok, bigger is not always better, but talking about servers, Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger is a BIG DEAL, mainly for masternodes.

We just finished a COMPLETE refresh of our servers, with only 2 nodes getting compensated due process failure. Due to current coins project updates that very often demand temporarily more RAM and CPU, as of course, always bigger blockchains (and sometimes requiring re-index), we decide to increase RAM and DISK capabilities for all servers (we still have a lot of CPU room).

All daemons, from any coin managed by EZ Masternodes, were moved from DUAL Intel Xeon E5 2650v2 128 GB 500 SDD to 256GB 500 + 500 3D SSD (RAID 0). With that our capabilities to handle higher RAM demand after update increased as our capability to perform a full blockchain reindex. Of course on top of that we kept total redundancy, complete control of servers via iKVM and long lease of IPv4/24 spaces. 

These configurations cannot be found anywhere among our competitors, and it is the proof that we work and spend to give to our clients only the best. It is your favorite nodes airline keeping your nodes in the air 24x7 with higher safety and convenience. 


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