Top 6 reasons to use our services

Our exclusive state-of-the-art feature

Enjoy our in-house developed AI that will, track, test, sync, restart, re-sync to the main chain and almost everything that is necessary to keep your masternode Enabled! Never worry about block height or chain forks — work for PoW and PoS!

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Satisfaction with minimal commitment

We promise high-quality service with a low price! Take advantage of flexibility to switch between different coin projects at anytime.

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Premium Servers with premium allocation of resources and SLA

100% of Intel Xeon Processors, all the data on RAID-0 3D NAND SSD and the guarantee of all the servers with free ECC (not a single node allocated using the swap memory), spare hardware with power and connectivity redundancy to guarantee the speed required by your node! With all of that we can be the only masternode hosting company that offers SLA to all the services

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MNaaS - Managed Node as a Service

Tailored business model: instead offering to the user the standard IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) as VPS, we offer SaaS - Software as a Service for digital coins, which is exactly what masternode owners need!

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MNaaS for Believers

Some masternodes provide very small profit per node, hence those can have a way lower amount of committed hardware resources in exchange for a small chance of restart! MNaaS for about 5 cents per day!

Affordable hosting options

100% legal tax exemption foreign

Enjoy total tax exemption if you are not a Brazil resident! We are a 100% legal company which foreign costumers are eligible to tax exemption 

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